Monday, September 25, 2006

Princess Coldstare Has a Blog

Don't know who Princess Coldstare is? If so, consider yourself lucky. However, if you read Gawker, or the Times Thursday Styles Section, or live in New York and fall into some sort of loosely-defined downtown demographic, then you probably have some vague idea of Princess Coldstare, aka LoveLeigh, aka Leigh Lezark. Too bad, I say, that's valuable brain real estate that you'll never get back. But to bring the previously-lucky ones up to speed, Leigh Lezark is a CUNY student/DJ "famous" for hosting a regular asshat party, scoring lots of free shit/ bragging about it, and never smiling in pictures. And she has a blog, or some kind of online journal-thingie. There are no words.

OK, wait, here are some words -- "it may sound conceded" but only the tasteless drink vodka and Diet Coke. Yuck.


emily said...

The whole point of moving to another country is ceasing to care about this shit!

Ruth said...

In my defense, I read a little while ago that she had just turned 22, and I was like, no way is this chick 22! Her presence has been assaulting my brain for much too long for her to be so young! I was sure she was lying about her age and wanted to do a whole "Leigh Lezark is 31 post". . . . as it turns out, not so much.

I think I am the real asshat here. Some prurient interests never die!